If you are a creative who feels like life is passing by without any real meaning… you’ve always felt the pull to pursue your life’s work, but aren’t fully certain what that is. There is a lack of clarity, and because of this you haven’t taken intentional action. You are ready to feel a deeper connection within and do meaningful work that makes a real impact in this world!

Jen uses a yin/yang approach in her work to help creatives who are bobbing through life forge their own unique path. Through yin (the inner) by reconnecting with their passions, developing self-care rituals and discovering what their purpose is. Through yang (the outer) setting clear intentions & goals, organizing the priority tasks in their life and ultimately taking action through clarity & heart.

She connects with clients 1 on 1, in class/retreat settings, corporate and small groups.


“With Jen’s amazing coaching abilities I was able to find my voice and strength to make the changes that I so needed in my life. What I was not able to do in two years I was able to achieve with Jen’s gentle guidance within a month. My whole experience with her was absolutely amazing.” -Katherine Raines

You opened my eyes and my heart to a new way of being. I am so very grateful to have had the chance to experience your wisdom and guidance. -Vicki Cooke

Jen is truly gifted. Her insight and clarity surrounding my questions was nothing short of incredible. Jen was spot on. Not only did she uncover challenges, she gave me practical steps to move forward to resolution. Thanks Jen, you are amazing! -Alison Funk

“Jen is amazing, I wish the day wouldn’t end. Your workshop was an incredible experience. Keep doing what you do, it is changing lives!” -Sunny Khurana

Thank you so much for sharing your story. Your example of showing up & being brave helped show us all that it’s ok, it’s safe, everything will be alright when you speak your truth. Thank you. I feel blessed to have had our paths cross. Keep Shining! –Jenine Perrott


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